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This is a beautiful handcrafted necklace created with 8mm sized, faceted amazonite beads. It features a hand-sawed bodhi leaf pendant which was hand-fabricated from brass sheet metal and has been hand knotted by myself between each bead to protect the gemstone beads from rubbing against each other. A lot of love and positive energy is used in creating all jewelry!


What is a mala?

Traditionally used in prayer and meditaion, mala necklaces can be used as a reminder of our intentions and well wishes.


What is the significance of 108?

Mala necklaces consist of 108 beads plus a guru bead/pendant. The ‘1’ symbolizes the universe or highest truth, ‘0’ for emptiness and humility and ‘8’ stands for boundless infinity.


bodhi leaf meaning - it is said that Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and there he became enlightened.


amazonite - truth, confidence, peace


Would look lovely on its own as a statement piece or layered with other necklaces.


All of our gemstones are genuine.


Designed and handcrafted by Chloe Alyson's mom in bergen county, NJ.


Thank you for supporting an independent artisan.


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