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handsawed jewelry

These are handcrafted Jnana mudra earrings with citrine points. I hand-sawed the jnana mudra hands out of brass sheet metal. After preparing the earrings by hand-sawing, sanding, filing and tumbling the piece, I applied a thin layer of laquer to prevent tarnishing. 


The jnana mudra which is the most common mudra used in meditation, means knowledge or wisdom in Sanskrit.

These beautiful handsawed earring are completed with citrine points. Citrine is a gemstone which is said to promote clarity and prosperity. 

This is a hand-sawed piece. Due to the hand-made nature, no two pieces are exactly the same. Slight differences add to the beauty of each piece. 

Genuine gemstones. 

Thank you for supporting an independent artisan.

Jnana mudra earrings with citrine point