handcrafted artisan jewelry

proudly handmade in 

bergen county, NJ

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handcrafted artisan jewelry


I get creative when I look at my daughter: Chloe Alyson. She is my running force, my inspiration, so I decided to name my shop after her! 

Thank you for expressing interest in the collections. I hope you enjoy wearing them!

ChloeAlyson is a new and emerging jewelry line originally founded in the lower east side of New York City and now in Bergen County, NJ. Materials used are semiprecious gemstones such as citrine and amethyst druzies, points, stalactite slices, etc., sourced from the mines of Brazil and Uruguay.

Metal pendants are all hand-sawed and fabricated out of sheet base metal: either brass, aluminum or copper. Custom designs are always welcome.

Mala necklaces are all hand-knotted between each bead to protect the gemstones and keep them from rubbing against each other. Mala necklaces have 108 beads. 1: signifying the highest truth or universe, 0: emptiness and humility, and the number 8 represents: infinity. The gemstones carry with them significance and meaning as well. For example, amethyst stands for intuition, protection and cleansing. 


Bracelets are hand-strung on strong elastic cord.

All jewelry is handmade by me in Bergen county, NJ, with love and good intentions. Each piece carries a lot of positive vibes and energy! I hope you enjoy your handmade piece(s)! 

Peace and love, Adriana



proudly handcrafted in bergen county, NJ

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